Car Remapping Stockbridge Hampshire

Car Remapping Stockbridge Hampshire

Car Remapping Stockbridge HampshireAMTuning is an Approved Dealer using some of the most advanced genuine tuning equipment, who can offer a personalised service for each customer. Car Remapping Stockbridge Hampshire.

If you want to make your car powerful and optimize the engine, Car Remapping Stockbridge Hampshire might be a good idea. . 

This article will give an insight into car remapping in the UK, the benefits, the problems you might face with insurance companies and other important information about it you should know. 

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What is it? 

It is similar to an engine upgrade. It means critical changes are done to your car black box using the latest software available. Car mapping is essential because it dictates how your car engine operates daily. 

The mapping includes fuel consumption, the timing of ignition and boosts pressure. With car mapping, several modifications are done which changes some important features in your car engine. 


Here are some advantages of remapping your car: 

Provides the car more power and torque

When you remap your car engine, you have increased its power capacity to around 40%. This makes it more responsive and easy to drive around.

With the increased power and torque expect your car to surpass your expectations. 

It improves car control and driveability

This makes your car experience better control. This is especially good for new drivers and those who ply highways.

 If you are experiencing car swerve or unbalance when driving your car, expect positive changes after Remapping the engine.

 Reduces fuel consumption

Because it gives your car more torque, you should be able to drive at a reduced RPM even when driving high gears. 

This in turn helps reduce the cost of fuel and you can channel the cost to other expenses. 


Here are some cons that you will experience when Remapping your car: 

It affects warranty

This will likely harm your warranty in the UK. This is true especially when the manufacturer doesn’t approve remapping your car engine.

If you are keen on warranties and will likely seek refunds or modifications on your car, you might find it difficult when you remap your car.

It reduces your engine’s life

This might affect the lifespan of your car engine. This is because you put heavy pressure on the engine during Remapping, which might accelerate its power, but reduce its lifespan. 

However, when you allow a professional to handle yours, this might not be the case. 

It could affect car insurance

Most insurance companies have problems with cars that are remapped, which could affect those with car insurance policies. 

You will have to discuss with your insurer about your car intentions, to be sure you are still covered. 

How much does it cost in the UK? 

The rate you can remap your car differs across cities in the UK, but according to recent research by The Sun, it is cheaper in Tyneside, Liverpool, and London. 

Also, the cost of Car Remapping Stockbridge Hampshire depends on the type of remapping you want your car to undergo. A simple car remap can go for as little as £160 to £180. However this range doesn’t include VAT, so you can add a few pounds on top. 

Moreover, for those who want quality and comprehensive car remaps, they should budget around £220-£380, also if your ECU will be removed, you should expect to pay more. 

Good car solutions aren’t cheap, therefore expect to pay more for an excellent job. 

What are some of the problems associated with it? 

Sometimes, things go wrong when you encounter a bad remapping procedure, however, this is long-term. 

Most remaps are done based on software algorithms, this implies that car engine pressures and other electrical settings are tampered with, which might cause problems when it’s not properly done. 

You should expect Car sensors, brakes and turbos to become vulnerable. When a bad Remapping is done on your engine, several car parts face technical issues due to the stress of high load. 

Also, components like brake disks tend to wear out quickly. Have it in mind that your Cars are manufactured based on countries’ unique conditions, therefore any modifications which aren’t done properly will affect some factory settings in the long run. 

Is it safe in the UK? 

Yes, generally it can be considered safe if it is done by a professional. Also, note that if your vehicle doesn’t have a good service reputation, this might affect how your car safety will be. 

Furthermore, cars with regular engine problems should aren’t advised under Remapping. Some vehicles can’t withstand many engine modifications, therefore no matter the type  done, nothing much will change.

Ask questions from professionals and do your due diligence before taking your car for Remapping. 

Can Insurance companies know if my car has been remapped?

Generally, insurance firms do their due diligence on your cars before offering you any of their policies, therefore, there is a good chance they will know if your vehicle has been remapped. 

Your best bet is to tell your insurer if you have ever remapped your car or done any modifications. This is to avoid a situation where the insurer will later refuse your claim or reduce payments payouts you should receive. 

It is in your best interest to always declare any ECU modifications done to your car. Sometimes, you might be lucky that your insurer doesn’t discover the Remapping done to your car, however, the risks are high. 

How does it affect my car warranty? 

Car remaps put some pressure on car components like gearbox, flywheels, tyres and sensors, so it is expected that getting your vehicle chipped will have some effect on the warranty. 

Most car manufacturing cars provide around 8-10 years warranty on new cars. These manufacturers include KIA, Pontiac, MG and Benz. You will have to think about the possibilities of voiding your warranty when your car gets chipped.

While many car details may not know if your car has been remapped, new technologies are out which dealers use to check remapped cars, and this could affect resale value and warranty. 

What are the stages involved? 

There are three basic stages when discussing Car Remapping Stockbridge Hampshire, and they are :

Stage 1

This stage involves when your car is remapped without extra modifications. At this stage, your car is chipped while maintaining original standard components and parameters. This is a cheap option in the UK and costs around £210 to £390. 

Stage 2

This stage might need additional pieces of equipment to remap your car. Hardware needed includes an induction kit and performance intercooler. This will give your car extra power and torque. It’s a bit expensive and costs £450- £550. 

Stage 3

This is done by professionals and done mainly on sports cars for track tournaments. As expected, Remapping these cars is very expensive and it costs thousands of pounds. 

Does the industry in the UK have standards? 

Yes, it is expected that most technicians have a minimum qualification from The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI). This is a professional body for all car technicians in the UK.

They provide quality training on car chipping and tuning. Choosing professionals that are accredited by the IMI is a wise decision because it gives you better assurance that your car engine is in safe hands. 


Getting a Car Remapping Stockbridge Hampshire done in the UK is a wise decision, however, you should know some important points which may affect your car in the short and long term. 

We have established the benefits and risks involved in mapping your car and how it will affect your car warranty and insurance. 

Also, getting your car chipped by professionals accredited by IMI is your best bet as this provides greater assurance that your car will be remapped adequately.